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What will you do with your 3 day membership at MAC?

Fitness Workouts

    • Challenge your heart rate and build your cardiovascular endurance on any of the treadmills, elliptical trainers, Adaptive Motion Trainers, Recumbent or upright bikes, ARC trainers, StairClimbers, StepMills, or rowing machines
    • Mix it up using a Keiser Functional Trainer for an unlimited variety of exercises

Strength Training

    • Increase your strength on 2 different lines of circuit equipment using Keiser Air and Hoist strength machines
    • Weight train using over 50,000 pounds of free weight, barbells, dumbells, and racks

Agility and Movement

    • Stretch to improve your flexibility, increase your abdominal muscles and core strength using a exer-ball or improve your balance using a Bosu in a quiet, private studio
    • Take part in Yoga, Back Strength & Recovery class or any of the other over 50 classes led by Nationally Certified Instructors and Trainers
    • Book an appointment with a Personal Trainer to learn new training modalities and techniques

Indoor Heated Pool & Private Sauna

    • Swim laps for a non impact, cardiovascular, total body challenge
    • Bring the kids and family for a fun, relaxing family swim in the warm water
    • Dry off, relax and breathe in the warmth of desert like air in the private dry sauna
    • Senior Fitness programming offered by Certified Instructors in a warm-water pool and Arthritis Foundation approved classes

Group Classes

    • Participate in more than 50 instructor led, group exercise classes every week, including Zumba, Yoga, Shallow or Deep Water Workout class or increase your heart rate and challenge your endurance in a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class like Bootcamp, Tabata or Power Fit
    • Get your joints warmed up and improve your range of motion in a warm water pool with an instructor lead, Arthritis Foundation Workout

Staff and Community

    • Talk to our supportive front desk staff, instructors or trainers for more information on how to succeed on your fitness journey or set up a complimentary appointment with a Certified Personal Trainer to get acquainted with Miami Athletic Club
    • Participate in Community Events (St. Baldrick's Childhood Cancer Research 5K, Hoxworth Blood Drives, Cancer Prevention 5K Run/Walks, ALS Walks, Health Fairs)

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See all that MAC membership includes, compared with franchise clubs like Planet Fitness.

A variety of add-on services are available such as: Babysitting, Tanning, Swim Lessons, 1 on 1 Personal Training and Small Group Training.