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Meet the Trainers

MAC Premier Fitness is home to some of the most talented and experienced Certified Personal Trainers in the industry. Our Certified Personal Trainers create the perfect programs to help you reach your goals, designed 100% around you!  We can help you with everything from weight loss to bodybuilding. We even offer two-person partner training if you prefer a workout buddy.

Personal training is the fastest and safest way to see some serious results! With specialized certifications that ensure you’re getting an effective workout, our trainers provide limitless motivation. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or fitness guru to be part of our programs. MAC Premier Fitness has something for everyone! 

Miami Athletic Club personal trainer Mike Hammond

Personal Training Director

Mike Hammond

My name is Mike Hammond. I am a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer. I have been in the fitness business for thirty years. I am currently training male and female clients, ranging from ages of twelve to seventy, with a wide variety of goals. I have also held management positions in various health clubs. I specialize in all different types of training techniques including TRX training, HIIT training, Bodybuilding, Plyometrics, Strength training, Tabata training. I am very passionate and devoted to what I do. I take it very seriously that my clients trust me in helping them accomplish their goals. That same devotion and drive carries over into my personal life. I train six to seven days a week. I am also a devoted father and mentor to my daughter, teaching her proper nutrition, and introducing her to exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. You can watch my training tips and video's on the MAC Facebook page!


Certified Personal Trainer

Madilyn Murphy

My name is Maddie Murphy. I’m here to inspire and make loving your body a priority. As a
qualified and accredited trainer from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have the goal
of helping people of all ages achieve their goal bodies by feeling, healthier and happier!

Growing up as a competitive softball and volleyball player I have always had a passion for health
and fitness. I took that passion and pursued achieving my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport
Science with a concentration in physical fitness wellness management. Over the years studying
at Eastern Kentucky University, I developed a deep passion for body building and becoming the
best version of myself not only physically but mentally.

One’s safety is at utmost importance to myself, which is why I love to utilize the functional
movement screen to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients and athletes. Upon completing
the movement screen, I work with my clients to develop and set goals to achieve in the short and
long term.

I specialize in various training techniques that include strength training, circuit, speed and agility,
and functional training.

With my knowledge, experience and passion for what I do, I would love to work with you in
achieving your goals.

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Certified Personal Trainer

Randy Rudd

My name is Randy Rudd and I am a certified personal trainer through the International
Sports Sciences Association. I am looking to help participants of all ages and skill levels reach
their goals.

I am new into personal training however I have spent the majority of my life
dedicated to health and fitness. I grew up in Batavia, Ohio, playing baseball, football, and
wrestling. I am the youngest of 4 siblings, with 1 sister and 2 brothers. I competed in a
bodybuilding competition when I was 22. I was at 165lbs when I started preparing for the event,
I went on a bulk and went up to 225 in 3-4 months then cut back down to 165 in 3 months and
learned so much in the process from proper nutrition to programming and routine.

I have been working in construction most of my life ranging from tile to concrete. I stay busy throughout the
week working a fulltime job in HVAC and running after my 3 year old son who keeps me
motivated and feeling young. A future goal of mine is to be involved in his sports whether it is
coaching or guiding him and his team in strength and conditioning.

Other passions of mine are playing any sports that I can and enjoying the outdoors whether it's fishing, hiking, or camping.
I hope to inspire others to be healthy and strong in and out of the gym. I want to make my
clients feel comfortable and confident. Let me help guide you through your fitness journey!